© Fiona Essex Photography

© Fiona Essex Photography

I was introduced to my dad's extensive record collection as a child, inspiring a life long love of music of all genres. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to sing, and at 13 I picked up my first guitar and found a way to weave words into songs. My debut self-titled EP was released in 2012 through independent record label Bare Feet Records. I have also released the live album Equator recorded and produced by Barn Recordings. My single Heptonstall Old Church was released in 2013 and chosen as the ‘Headphone Moment’ on Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 Music. 

Since then I have focused on specific songwriting projects, producing songs and material for the BFI Britain on Film project, as well as the single Bury Me Close to Home for the WW1 legacy project Fiercest Light with 14-18 NOW. I have also worked with a broad range of young musicians on mentoring and songwriting projects.

I provide vocals and tour with other bands and musicians, most recently with alternative/classical/trip-hop outfit Wooden Arms and the ambient/drone/lo-fi band B R O A D S.

I'm currently working on developing a body of songs inspired by archive films from across East Anglia with a view to creating an audio visual body of work to tour in 2019.


David Kushar for Spiral Earth describing Milly's debut 5 track EP; 'mature', 'deeply meditative' and 'an inspiring debut'.

Heidi Maunder reviewing the EP for danceyrselfclean.com ;

There is nothing more satisfying than listening to a new artist and being able to hear the effort and soul they have poured into making their music. That is what I get from listening to Milly Hirst. Her precision in her musical arrangement and imagination in lyrics, which speak of love and longing, is powerful throughout the record. The tone, lyrics and gentle pluck of guitar arrange her songs so sweetly they could be lullabies. There is a warmth and maturity in her vocals and lyrics that reflect emotional capacity far beyond her years, and it is that which makes me listen to her over and over again…'

'Milly Hirst’s début EP is just gorgeous. I liken it to Laura Marling, soft by acoustics but moving, soothing, and just plain charming.' Bedmagazine.com

 ‘Hirst sings with her soul, of love, longing, pain, melancholy and joy. Its close your eyes and sing-along as it washes over you music. “Rose”, in particular, is sublime. As delicate as its subject, wistful and heartfelt it leads you, floating to meet this Rose, to see her and understand her. Its porcelain fragility is divine.’ Alphabetbands.com

 Heptonstall Old Church; "Stunning track" - Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music